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Street Light

General Description : An LED Street Light, also known as road light is a combination of light that comprises of light-emitting diode (LED) as its main light source and is mostly used for street lighting.

Technical Specification & Product Description:

  • 18-150 Watts Range Available
  • 100-120 Lumens Per Watt Output
  • Powder Coated Die Cast Material
  • Auto Cutoff Driver On 320 360 Volt
  • Lence Model And Reguler Model Available
  • 3k/4k/6k Colors Available


  • Urban area
  • Roadways
  • Residential
  • Business & Municipal areas



  • LED lights disparage at slower percentage than other alternatives available
  • They are integrated with light-emitting diodes, so the chances of burning out quickly is rarely possible as they do not have filaments.
  • It does not comprise of toxic chemicals like mercury
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • By long lives it means that these are highly recommended for areas where it’s problematicto switch bulbs when they expire
  • They do not even produce heat for longtime
  • They consume very less amount of energy
  • Wide and consistent light pattern
  • Less hotspots (and then areas of dark spots)
  • They have an improved color rendering as compared to sodium lamps

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