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Flood Light

General Description : LED floodlights are high-intensity, broad beamed artificial lights which are often used for illuminating outdoor areas. Generally, they are used on playground where a sports event is being conductedunder low light conditions.

Technical Specifications& Product Description:

  • Ip 65.
  • 30 Watts-400watts Flood Light Available.
  • 100-120 Lumens Output Per Watts.
  • Back Choke And Down Choke Flood Available.
  • Auto Cutoff 320 to 360 Volt Driver.
  • 6kv-10kv Surge Protection.
  • Aluminum Coated die Cast.
  • Led Powered By Osram/Bridgelux/ Philips.


Application:This highly energy efficient broad beamed artificial lights have multiple applications which includes of –

  • Architectural Buildings and Monuments
  • Ports
  • Manufacturing Plants and Construction Sites
  • Façade Lighting

Benefits : Here are the few reasons why LED Floodlights are beneficial –

  • Environment Friendly
  • High Lumen Output
  • Energy Efficient and Maintenance Free
  • Excellent Thermal Management

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