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Mop Bucket

General Description: For a hassle free floor cleaning process, the upgraded design or an innovation to a mop consist of a set with a spin mop & rod, bucket, and a dustbin space. The spin mop is made of microfiber refill that holds 10 times more liquid absorption capacity than the normal mop.

Technical Specifications & Product Details:

  • Set of 1 rod, 3 heads, and 1 bucket
  • Made of plastic
  • Color: Multi-color option



  • Soaking liquid
  • Cleaning floor & other surface
  • Wash away dust
  • Other cleaning purpose


  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Fastest cleaning
  • Can be used for cleaning different flooring surfaces like wooden, textured tiles, etc.
  • Requires less effort
  • Reduces the consumption of water

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