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Hand Blender


General Description : Invented in 1950’s a hand blender is a kitchen appliance with a modern design which comprises of the rotating blades at its endthat further aids to mix, purée, and blend food and other semi-solid substances.

Technical Specifications & Product Description:

  • 200/250/350 Watts Blender Available
  • 3 Models
  • Speed Controler: 2 Speed withDiode
  • Rpm: 10000/12000
  • Rating: 5 Mins. Max
  • 8+ Colors Available

Application: Have a quick look at how you can use a hand blender in your daily routine that will make your life easy –

  • Preparing baby food
  • Making puree out of cooked vegetables
  • Preparing smoothie
  • Preparing variety of soup


  • Can be also used for chopping food items
  • Produces less noise
  • Gives a perfect blend
  • Reduces the process time


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